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how to remove a program on a computer

have you in trouble when you want to uninstall a program? well of course I was very rough when we want to uninstall a program then we can not remove it, this time I will share tips + software which can help you to permanently delete applications. I just follow the first steps you can download "CCleaner" an application that is used to permanently delete the program's registry and delete the program is easy

1.klik Cclener application after application it would appear.
2. You have to click on tools and  > remove (uninstall) then it will look like below You just click next and finish

Tutorial Adsense Part 2

I continue my previous post you can see it here Now I will explain the steps that should be done to register google Adsense (GA) 

  • 1. Create a gmail account then you find a template that suits your preferences minimum standards should not only elegant and stylish enough so that the standard and look good on visitors like me this template.
  • 2. And the setting you are required to make clear navigation page Privacy policy, Disclaimer, Contact and about me in order to            clear  Minimum of 3-15 post article make about the language it's up to you

review 1 you have to wait a while, and a maximum of 1 week usually you have to be patient

Tutorial Adsense Part 1

The first time I shared my own articles and help my friends make English writing honest I know less about the English language so I had to learn with the help of google translate toturial that I made this just for sharing fellow bloggers in general, before you've read this article? if it means I do not need to explain about what is needed and you also must know the TOS (the rules on google adsense) you can find an explanation about google adsense in google already stout and I cuman help you to be able to join in with our google adsense,

Google to join the company you do not need to memorize the script smart enough pemogramman language code you capitalize embroidery creativity and confidence to your google adsense templates mendaptkan cuman need to search on google using the keyword "template Download Google Adsense for blog" and stout option will appear and you can download .

 You should use article 100% the work of your hand (typing alone) not to copy the results of other people's results, the habits of people in this world who just want the instant they do not want to think or use their creativity in the work, the results of difference in the copy with the original handwriting is 100% differ in terms of writing, point and comma, and the details of the language..you also have to respect the results of the paper and not take someone's copyright home continued...

Toturial basic Adsense

Understanding Google AdSense or in short (GA) That is a Program From google affiliate google for a very popular internet business in the virtual world and make the already stout bloggers in particular and of their success, whether you are one of them? , Here we teach you about Google Adsense (GA) of the base may help you in the learning process, I also recently involved in the world (GA) in because my friend has been successful so stout that I want to follow,

before you follow there are several stages in the start (GA) which we must comply with the requirements of Google Adsense and the requirements are very strict so you try not try to cheat google program, and I know that when we or our cheat banned account then we will banned according to the rules (GA),

1. Do not click on your own Adsense ads

Most people who are just starting a business Adsense beginners often ignore this rule, they feel itchy and curious to click on Adsense ads on their own. Do not ever do this!
Clicking on the Google Adsense ads on your own can be tracked by Google and is regarded as invalid clicks (invalid click activity) and could cause your Adsense account deactivated. Google is very powerful so that it can figure out where a click is coming.

2. Do not ask others to click on your Adsense ads
Do not ever get someone else to click on ads on your blog, because Google is very sophisticated
and can find out which are genuine and which clicks are fraudulent clicks. So do not ever fool the Google system.

3. Do not put ads on inappropriate content
Google Adsense prohibits advertising on blogs forbidden content such as pornographic content, content about gambling, alcohol, violence, and other illegal contents. and still stout again so you have to really understand the rules!

4. Do not modify the AdSense ad code
Out there there are some Adsense publishers who commit fraud by changing or modifying the AdSense ad code in order to get more profits. Google prohibits this action, so try not ever do that we obey the laws made by google (GA) and many people who get a penalty for cheating

You can read the details here:

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